Effective drink: we strengthen blood vessels and thin the blood (prevention of blood clots)

Effective drink: we strengthen blood vessels and thin the blood (prevention of blood clots)

Effective drink: we strengthen blood vessels and thin the blood (prevention of blood clots)

Today we continue the popular column "Healthy recipes" and talk about an effective drink that will help in thinning the blood and significantly strengthen the vessels.

I would like to start with the fact that the other day I talked to my neighbor, who recently turned 83 years old. She looks much younger than her years. In the summer, he constantly "rests" in the garden and leads an active lifestyle. A neighbor says that in order to feel good in old age, you need to monitor the condition of the cardiovascular system.

Poor nutrition, bad habits, and a sedentary lifestyle are the main instigators of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels. She shared a recipe for one of her favorite drinks with me, and I'll tell it to You 😊

Important : don't forget, that in the presence of diseases, do not self-medicate. Before using this drink, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Ingredients for making a drink

All the products that we will use can be purchased at any grocery store. The main thing is that they they were of good quality and not damaged. Therefore, be sure to check their appearance before purchasing them.

The first product that we will need for cooking will be an orange ( 1 PC.). It is no secret that it contains a large amount of vitamin C . Exactly its presence it will have a positive effect on strengthening the walls of blood vessels (many marathon runners love to eat an orange).

Juicy and ripe orange is the first ingredient.

The second product is an Apple ( 2 PCs). It is rich in such useful substances as: vitamin A, PP, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and omega-6. This product balances the body's cells with trace elements and participates in the removal of "bad cholesterol" from the blood vessels.

Liquid Apple - the second ingredient

The third product has a blood-thinning effect. Speech we are talking about pineapple ( we will need only half). It contains such a substance as bromelain . It affects the permeability of vascular walls and prevents blood clots.

Ripe pineapple is what you need for us

Recipe preparation of the drink

Step 1. Wash the products under running water and cut off the skin. We cut out the core of the Apple.

Step 2. We put an orange, two apples, and half a pineapple in a blender and grind it well (until a uniform consistency). We run the mass through a sieve, separate the juice from the pulp. The resulting juice is poured into a glass and temporarily set aside.

Step 3. Pour half a liter of water into the pan and add the pulp from the products. Put on a low heat and bring the water to a boil. Then remove the pan and let it cool for ten minutes.

Step 4. Filter It liquid from the pan through a sieve and get rid of the cake. Add the previously prepared juice to the broth and mix thoroughly. The resulting drink can be poured into a bottle and enjoy the taste throughout the day.

It will taste awesome

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P.S. For those who eat right, the recipe for a delicious dish that is useful after 50: "Normalize blood pressure and reduce blood viscosity" (link to article).

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