"How does the sun affect people in quarantine?» "I went outside and checked

"How does the sun affect people in quarantine?» "I went outside and checked

"How does the sun affect people in quarantine?» "I went outside and checked

For almost a month, the country has declared a regime of self-isolation. In some regions, people are strictly quarantined. Everyone lives in anticipation of the end of this event ( but what tells me that it will still last ). I agree, it's hard stay in the four walls for a long time.

I have a friend who, by chance, continues to work in a large metropolis. Every day he goes to work, of course taking precautions on the road (wearing a mask and gloves, keeping a distance). The road to work is not close, it takes a long time get.

I recently spoke to him on the phone and he told me that he noticed a very interesting trend: "It turns out that the sun affects the quarantine!" This is what he told me.

"My city has introduced fines for violating self-isolation. Until this moment, many people simply gave up on what was happening and we walked freely around the city. But after the silks began to stay at home. Simultaneously with this event, the weather changed. It was rainy, cold and windy (as if it helped-to disperse people to their apartments). The streets of the city were deserted. This went on for three weeks.

Yesterday, the cloudy weather was replaced by Sunny weather. On the street is much warmer, birds are chirping outside the window, in a word - spring. As usual, I went out to lunch (for work) and decided to check how the sun affects people in quarantine? And do you know what I saw?

The street is full of people. Parents walking with young children, someone basking in the sun, lovers hugging on the bench, I noticed even a small company that organized a picnic. People walk around as if nothing has happened. Yes, they keep a little distance, but it's still not the same. It's like there's no quarantine. I think the situation has become so boring for everyone that many people have simply given up on self-isolation. And even fines for no one stop."

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However, the danger has not gone away. Doctors are working to the limit of their abilities, trying to stop the outbreak of diseases. I understand that the sun has a positive effect on your mood. In good weather you immediately want to go out take a walk. But it is better to keep yourself in control and stay at home, so as not to catch the infection. It is necessary to minimize the burden on medicine.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to Express my special gratitude to the medical workers who are on the front line and sacrifice their health for the health of others: "thank you very Much for your Visit labor!"

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